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Kayaking is one of the best ways to get a true Everglades experience.  Peacefully glide along the water through beautiful rivers, creeks and bays in the areas where Florida Everglades wildlife call their own.  You'll get amazing pictures and a sense of being one with nature that is second to none.  You'll learn from our adventure guides about wildlife habits and history of the Glades.  Get involved and ask questions or just sit back, relax and take in the breathtaking scenery. Our kayak ecotours are in some of the most pristine and remote areas of the Everglades. There are a variety of guided kayak tours and trips ranging from 2 to 4 hour trips and accomodating all skill levels. Even if you've never been kayaking assure, rest assured our guides will do their best to make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and most of all having fun in no time at all.

We use quality kayaks from Emotion equipped with life jackets and ample dry storage space for your belongings.  Whatever level kayaker you are, you'll feel safe and comfortable on your adventure. Our boats are SAFE, STABLE and EASY TO PADDLE.  We also have a floating dock with a launch pad to make getting in and out a breeze.  There is a full marina on location with food, beverages and bathrooms.  Time to turn your ringer off and enjoy an adventure of beauty, relaxatio
n and fun in a setting that only the Everglades can provide.

We are located at 525 Newport Dr in Naples, FL

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It lies a short 20 miles from Downtown Naples, Florida and just 15 minutes from Marco Island and Everglades City and a little over an hour from Downtown Miami and Fort Lauderdale


We go where NOBODY goes!! WE'RE OFF THE BEATEN PATH! You've been to the East Trail, you've been to Rookery Bay and Estero Bay.  Come experience a TRULY UNIQUE EVERGLADES EXPERIENCE on your kayak tour through some of the most beautiful rivers, creeks and bays in the area. These pristine backcountry waters are unexplored and are Captain Joe's private kayak trails that he's opening up to the public.  The highlight of your guided tour will be the exclusive opportunity to get the unique privilege of being a part of a rich history that dates back more than 2,000 years ago.  The Seminole and Calusa tribes lived with the rhythym of river and tides in this region where they hunted and fished. As you paddle along these same pristine backwaters once inhabited by these coastal tribes, you'll experience the TRUE EVERGLADES

  • Tired of kayaking vast expanses of water that really don't offer much in the way of unique landscape or atmosphere?
  • Don't want to be subjected to seeing and hearing other people or boats in the area?
  • Short on time and looking for an affordably priced guided kayak tour operated by patient, knowledgeable professionals?  

WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE!!!  We offer a backcountry adventure unlike no other in the Everglades and Southwest Florida region.  You'll be enveloped in an Everglades mangrove wilderness where you'll be twisting, ducking and winding your way through various kayak trails and mangrove tunnels that offer a true taste of the real Everglades, a wild but beautiful region rich in history, an abundance of wildlife and exotic scenery you won't find anywhere else in the world.


Yak the Glades is located in an area that's considered one of the most unique areas in the Everglades. Only minutes away from Naples and Marco Island this unique basin is home to resident manatees, alligators, fish and birdlife. It's only a couple minutes paddle from the launch area to a number of beautiful rivers and creeks rich with sea creatures and winged wildlife. On your kayak adventure you may see the following wildlife: manatees,tarpon, osprey, bald eagles and other various types of birds of prey.  We offer a true wildlife kayaking experience while making it fun and adventurous.

The Everglades offers direct access to some of the worlds most beautiful mangrove waterways throughout the Ten Thousand Islands. You'll encounter a myriad of wildlife such as manatees, alligators,birds of prey, and wading birds. You'll paddle through narrow mangrove tunnels and float along the waterways. Imagine yourself kayaking just inches away from manatees and alligators. Enjoy watching flocks of ibis pass by, witness an osprey pluck a meal from the sea, and maybe spot a bald eagle flying right overhead. I can accomodate most anyone's desires and  provide an ecotour that best suits you. 

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